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Public Liability Insurance Online is a free public insurance comparison service where brokers from around the country compete for your business. Simply enter a single quote request via this website to compare rates and to find the best liability insurance deal for you!

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    Public Liability Insurance

    Liability insurance (also known in Australia as public liability insurance) is an insurance cover for individuals and businesses to indemnify against the financial implications of property damage and bodily injury to others. Liability insurance also includes cover for associated legal and professional costs in defending a claim.

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    Simply complete our short online loan quote form for access to the best Public Liability Insurance rates in the country, including (but not limited to) business liability insurance, employer liability insurance, directors and officers liability, product liability insurance, contractors liability insurance, trades liability insurance, property liability insurance, broadform liability insurance, landlords liability insurance, etc.

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    Because all Public Liability policies are different, we help you compare features and benefits - not just price - ensuring that you get the best value Public Liability protection that your money can buy.

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    When you submit an online quote request with us, we match your details instantly against the specialties of over 1000 insurance professionals across Australia - all competing for your business.

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    All public liability quotes are supplied to you free and without any obligation. We respect your privacy.

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